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coffee consulting services

Coffee Consulting Services

Texas Coffee School coffee consulting services are geared toward those who are looking to open a coffee shop. Our coffee consulting program is designed to take the headache and confusion out of opening a coffee shop. We have developed a coffee consulting system that leverages our team's expertise in not only barista training and specialty coffee, but also coffee shop start up costs, affordable coffee equipment sourcing, coffee bar design for maximum efficiency, smart coffee shop menu development, customer experience planning, coffee shop operations planning, barista development, on-site support, event promotions, publicity, and budget-minded marketing.


"Texas Coffee School has been a critical part of the success of our coffee program. We could not more heartily recommend their services and training!"


– Chad Sepulveda, Owner of Oddfellows in Dallas, TX


Coffee Consulting Services Clients


The Texas Coffee School coffee consulting program has a proven track record with small independent coffee shops all the way up to large chain coffee businesses. Our clients have received top accolades in their local markets including the titles of "best coffee shop," "best coffee," and "best latte." Most importantly, they now have the tools and infrastructure necessary to run a successful coffee business! Maybe that's why none of our consulting clients have ever gone out of business.


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Texas Coffee School Areas of Expertise


  • Coffee Shop Business Infrastructure Planning
  • Coffee Shop Start Up Costs Forecasting
  • Coffee Sourcing, Coffee Roaster Selection
  • Coffee and Espresso Bar Equipment Sourcing
  • Efficiency-Oriented Coffee Bar Layout and Design
  • Customer Experience Planning
  • Menu Development and Menu Refining
  • Barista Training and Staff Development
  • Customer Service Training
  • Back Of The House Coffee Shop Operations
  • Quality Control and Inventory
  • Efficiency Assessment and Planning
  • Coffee Shop Brand Development, Marketing, and Promotions
  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Customer Loyalty Events and Planning


Budget-Minded Marketing
We understand. You are a small business with a ton of overhead. "Marketing isn't exactly in the budget in this economy." We know the drill. We also know your business, and how to effectively deploy, highly cost-effective marketing methods to generate maximum buzz around your business. We beat the drum of strategic events marketing, social media, and free publicity. We are seasoned experts in generating buzz around our clients AND working within realistic coffee shop budgets! Use our numerous years of marketing experience to your advantage.

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Social Media
There is a lot more to social media than sharing your daily specials or telling people what you are doing! Texas Coffee School has a proven social marketing strategy crafted to integrate multiple social and online medias into one organic buzz generating machine. Buzz leads to brand awareness, and brand loyalty – which drives bottom line sales and repeat business. Don't think social media can make a big enough difference? Think again! Contact us to learn how we can revolutionize your online marketing while staying within your budget.

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Brand Development
Contrary to popular belief, branding is drastically more complex than slapping your logo on a cup and calling it a day. A brand is a living, breathing organism that requires a mountain of nurturing. With almost a decade of branding experience, working in top-tier branding agencies; our staff has the knowledge, tools and talent to shape brands for which consumers become deeply passionate about. Learn how Texas Coffee School can boost the value of your brand and business.

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